Concrete Dye/Acid Stain

Customize a floor with a variety of vibrant colors to achieve a specific design intended. PDCI’s dying / staining technology penetrates and reacts with the concrete and does not sit on the surface like a topical coating. This increases the durability of the stain and eliminates the risks of chipping or peeling. The design possibilities are endless with unique applications of dye or stain.

Concrete Dye
Concrete dyes transmit color by penetrating concrete or other porous cementitious surfaces. Concrete dyes are non-reactive and smaller in particle size compared to concrete stains or acrylic stains, which allows for easier penetration and color saturation. This ultimately leaves less residue on the surface, speeding up the application process. Dying a concrete floor is an additional step in the concrete polishing process. During the middle of the polishing process, dye is applied and allowed to penetrate the slab for a set time. PDCI specializes in concrete dye application for many renown manufacturers.

Concrete Stain
Concrete stains are slightly more complex because they are generally broken down into three different categories; film-forming, penetrating and acid stains. Film-forming stains resemble paint because it simply coats or lays over the top of the concrete surface. This will provide an aesthetic appearance, but ultimately damages your floors over a short period of time from exposure to chemicals, traffic, weather, etc. Penetrating stains are certainly a more permanent alternative because they penetrate into the pores of the concrete, which bonds the stain to the surface. Acid stains are unique, simply because they do not rely on color pigments to alter the decorative appearance of concrete, but they react with the minerals in the concrete which generates a beautifully etched and natural looking surface.

Logos and Graphics
Concrete floor logos and graphics are a great way to customize polished concrete floors and display a company logo, school name or anything else that the end user or public might like to see on the floor.

PDCI has the expertise to install specialized logos, dyed into the floor. Our skilled craftsmen, along with advanced technology, makes it possible for us to place images and graphics on concrete floors. This special application provides a custom flooring finish that will reflect a company's image and create a special final touch at a facility or environment.


Fade-resistant, permanent color. Unlike a painted floor, the color will not flake off or peel away.

Design Flexibility

Dyed or Stained concrete is highly versatile. Design options are endless! Any look can be achieved to suit design ideas and budget. Stencils and graphics are also an option.

Rich Appeal

Increase in aesthetic value with different tones, designs, and graphics.

Cost Effective

Low cost required to add design and different floor finish with color.

Earth Friendly

Many dyes or stains are low-VOC and environmentally certified.