Epoxy/Resinous Flooring

Specialized coatings provide a chemical and solvent resistant floor finish. Floor coating systems to achieve high durability include urethane and epoxy properties. Both are designed for high traffic applications where there is a requirement to make the surface resistant to liquid.

Urethane Floor Coating
Colored and clear urethane floor coatings are very popular for industrial floor coating projects. Urethane floor coatings offer exceptional performance characteristics. Among these are resistance to chemical spills, UV stability, abrasion resistance and overall durability. There are a number of products from which to use, depending upon the application. Urethane coatings are available as a high-solid, low VOC solution.

Epoxy Floor Coating
Epoxy floor coating products bond extremely well to concrete. Epoxy floor systems are particularly suited for areas needing to be exceptionally clean. Examples of areas where epoxy coatings are the preferred floor coating are Clean Rooms, Food and Beverage Processing, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Laboratories and Surgical Centers, and Commercial Kitchens & Food Processing Plants. There are many reasons to utilize epoxy coatings.

Low Maintenance

Minimal maintenance and easy to clean, requiring only a wet mop to remove unwanted dirt and debris.

Shock Resistance

Whether the goal is to protect a floor from heavy equipment or the wear and tear of driving/parking a vehicle, epoxy can withstand it.

High Temperature Resistance

Epoxy can stand up to 200-degree temperatures, perfect for boiler rooms, etc.

Budget Friendly

Multiple options to provide a finished floor that is desired affordable.

Light Efficiency

Using a lighter color epoxy coating will brighten up a space, thus reducing lighting costs

Lowers Vehicle Maintenance

Reduces wear on vehicles in a facility because it is more forgiving on machinery.

Earth Friendly

A green option, due to the reduction in material usage by eliminating constant floor replacement. Many coatings are low-VOC and environmentally certified.

Strength and Durability

Once the epoxy has been converted to a solid polymer, it becomes incredibly strong and prevents chemical breakdown.


Protects the concrete from grease, food or any other item that might stain an unsealed surface.