Joint Filler/Reconstruction

Control and expansion joints are a necessity and should be filled on all exposed concrete surfaces. Cracks are the result of heavy wear on untreated surfaces. As everyone knows, concrete will crack. It is important to maintain the substrate and perform proper remediation and reconstruction. PDCI provides services and specialized techniques to overcome these factors with high performance epoxy and polyurea joint fillers and crack repair solutions. Epoxy or polyurea fillers are utilized to protect exposed joint edges from impact. Proper installation will also help prevent spalling by allowing heavy weight and traffic across the joint. Joint fillers also provide general maintenance and appealing qualities to the floor by creating a sealed and uniform finish that is free of open voids.

Minimal Downtime

Work is performed with little downtime or delay required. Most materials install quickly and withstand light traffic within 30 minutes after application and full traffic after 1 hour.

Early Detection

PDCI highly recommends remediation when a joint or crack is just beginning to show damage or imperfections. If minor damage is not treated, the damage will worsen and begin to cause deterioration of the surrounding concrete.

Major Repair Available

If major repair is required, PDCI performs a detailed procedure to rebuild the joint and surrounding concrete substrate.

Color Blending

Blending the crack or joint is possible with a custom variety of colors to choose from.


Seamless appearance achieved with proper joint and crack filler installation.