Remediation / Restoration

Pacific Decorative Concrete, Inc. offers remediation and restoration services to all existing concrete substrates. Over the course of time, concrete damage and deterioration will occur on any slab, especially if has not been maintained. Not only joints require remediation and repair, but the actual concrete slab may require patching. Removal of legacy flooring and glue will unveil spalling, pop outs, divots, and cracks. Changes in temperature, heavy equipment operation, and chemical exposure are causes of concrete deterioration. It is important that remediation is performed to achieve a long-lasting floor.

Services Include:

- Random Floor Cracks

- Surface Spall Repair – Large & Small

- Concrete Floor Surface Refinement

- Pop Outs / Divots

- Trench Repair

- Glue / Coating Removal

- Floor Coverings Removal


- Reduces further concrete cracking

- Floors are easier to maintain / clean

- Prevents water from running below slab surface

- Eliminates tripping hazards

- Reduced bumps and product tipping during mobilization

- Improves appearance of property

- Eliminates build-up of dirt and other foreign materials

- Creates smooth and seamless floor surface