Safety Is Our #1 Concern

PDCI is committed to safety of all installers, fellow contractors, customers, and end-users. Safety begins on Day 1 of installation and continues throughout the entire lifetime of the finished floor. PDCI follows all State-Mandated and OSHA safety requirements. Safety is always a top priority.

Installer Safety
Safety and injury prevention for all installers and fellow subcontractors takes precedence over all other factors on each job site. 
• Site-Specific Safety & Hazard Assessment Plans
• Full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) 
• Uniform Safety
• OSHA Compliant Silica Exposure Control Plan
• Job Site Inspections
• Equipment Tests & Inspections 
• Safety Meetings (Daily, Weekly) 
Customer Safety
Due to the high sheen and quality finish, it may seem like a polished concrete floor could be slippery and dangerous for employees and customers. Polished concrete is actually safer than a dry and clean concrete surface. In fact, polished concrete flooring is even more slip-resistant than many other types of finished flooring . All floors installed by PDCI, including polished concrete and resinous flooring, meet anti-slip requirements mandated by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). 
• Specialized Testing Available
• Floor meets Requirements, Dry Or Wet
• Meets ADA /OSHA Requirements
• Safety Striping 
• Low Maintenance
• Eliminates Tripping Hazards
Earth Safety
Providing safety for our Mother Nature, as well. Polished concrete flooring is one of the most eco-friendly flooring options available. Polished concrete and some resinous coatings save energy on utility costs, cuts out waste, and improves air quality. 
• LEED Approved
• Hardly Any Raw Materials Consumed
• Recycled Materials 
• Energy Efficient
• Low VOC / No