Sealed Concrete

There are several options for sealing existing or new concrete substrates. Sealed and densified concrete is beneficial at large factories, warehouses, and other industrial environments.

Grind and Seal
Concrete grinding and sealing is a cost effective solution to diamond concrete polishing. The grind and seal method is performed on any concrete floor that needs a refreshed appearance or has a damaged top surface from spills, stains and harsh chemicals. This resurfacing method allows various aggregate exposures. During the grinding process of the concrete surface, the amount of grinding will show as little or as much stone as the client desires. Once the floor is ground and smooth, PDCI will install a single-component sealer that has a matte, semi-gloss or high gloss finish.

Wash and Seal
Eliminating the grinding of concrete, a heavy detergent wash and sealing of new and existing floors is important. Clean floors are important for every business, providing a healthy environment and a positive work environment for day-to-day employees and visiting customers. Floor cleaning is an important aspect of warehouse leasing and maintenance, as well. Concrete washing and sealing also presents a positive view to the potential clients of vacant tenant spaces.

Densifier / Hardener
Concrete naturally dusts. Application of densifier will eliminate the natural dusting of concrete as the calcium hydroxide in cement is chemically hardened and eliminated. Applying a densifier will create a strong and durable surface that remains clean.


Strong floor surface that weathers high traffic and wear & tear.

Budget Friendly

Multiple options to provide a finished floor that is desired and affordable.

Light Efficiency

Reflective properties provide increased light efficiency in large spaces.

Low Maintenance

Required minimal daily maintenance with no need for stripping and reapplication, like a wax.

Earth Friendly

Versatile, energy efficient, no chemicals required to clean – all helpful to the environment.