Diamond Polished Concrete

Diamond Concrete Polishing is a process that transforms a structural concrete slab into a functional, high performance floor that is easy to maintain. Diamond polishing utilizes the strength and beauty of a concrete substrate. The concrete surface is sealed mechanically via diamond polishing, eliminating dusting, preventing chemical or dirt intrusion and making the floor easy to clean and maintain.

Polished concrete flooring is accomplished by using a chemical densifier and progressively finer grinding tools to create a high-quality floor finish. The grinding process is not considered finished until it reaches a specific grit level. During the polishing process, a specialized liquid silicate is applied to the floor to densify, or harden, the concrete. The solution is absorbed into the concrete surface, filling the pores. Chemically, the silicate reacts with the calcium hydroxide molecules, which occur naturally in concrete to produce calcium silicate hydrate. After the silicate infuses into the concrete, it crystallizes in place. Once this step is achieved, the polishing continues. The end result is a chemically hardened concrete surface that can be dyed or not, that has been mechanically refined and sealed using diamond abrasives. There is no topical chemical sealer or wax of any kind. Because there is no sealer or wax, the polished concrete never needs to be resealed or waxed. There is nothing to bubble, turn white, flake off, wear off or turn yellow. Polishing concrete is much like the process of sanding wood, except the finished product can fool the eye into thinking it is granite or marble.

Diamond polished concrete can be used on new concrete surfaces, as well pre-existing concrete slabs. Polished concrete flooring is commonly used in schools, warehouses and commercial locations. It is not just aesthetics that has people choosing polished concrete, there are many other benefits.

Earth Friendly

Versatile, energy efficient, no chemicals required to clean – all helpful to the environment.

Cost Effective

Less expensive to install and maintain. No floor replacement needed.


Eliminates dusting entirely, creating a healthier environment.

Light Efficiency

Reflective properties provide increased light efficiency.

Elimination of Moisture Mitigation

Not affected by moisture-related issues and provides great solution for floors with high moisture.

Does Not Lift, Peel, or Flake

Floor finish remains the same without any topical surface that peels or flakes.


Long-lasting floor surface that weathers high traffic and wear & tear.

Slip Resistant

High slip resistance. It may be shiny, but has higher slip co-efficient than tile and other flooring.

No Wax or Sealer

Eliminates the need for applying costly sealers/coatings or waxes.

Low Maintenance

Minimal maintenance and easy to clean, requiring only a wet mop to remove unwanted dirt and debris.

Stain Resistant

Strong, hard, dense surface that helps resist staining from oil, chemicals, and other unwanted spills that commonly occur in industrial, commercial, and retail environments.